DREAM’s Remarkable Journey Comes To An End

The three year DREAM project has come to a close. It has been a remarkable journey for all the early stage researchers/PhD students. All of them took a cue from the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and, in their own field of work, developed ideas and insights about how to move European reform process forward.   Throughout this journey that attended many inter-disciplinary network-wide events and seminars, they had the benefit of secondments at key opinion formers in Europe (such as the European Disability Forum) and, through this, gained tremendous experiential learning opportunities. Many of them have already contributed directly to processes of change.

 In the publication launched online today the researchers recount their research journeys, the insights they gained into processes change (what works, what doesn’t), their own conception of themselves as agents of change and their views on the future direction of reform at European level. This collection of reflective essays should be of intrinsic interest to anyone interested in disability law reform. More importantly, this collection speaks to the potential of research and researchers to contribute more directly to positive change in order to create a much more inclusive and open society and economy in Europe.

 We hope you will find their reflections both useful and inspiring. They represent the next generation of researchers – able and willing to translate research findings into actionable lines of policy reform for the sake of our 80 million citizens with disabilities.

Prof. Gerard Quinn

Click on Publications – The Final Journey for each Early stage researcher report.